Startup Safari, Riga 13 - 14 June

With Startup SAFARI Riga, you will have the chance to get deeper insights of Riga’s startup scene as never before. For the first time, local startup community will open its doors for everyone willing to explore.
Riga, the capital of Latvia and largest city in Baltics, with its 641K residents are located in Northern Europe at the heart of Baltics. Historical sea trade port that for centuries has been the access point to region makes the unique place where East meets West meets North. That also has influenced the startup ecosystem that is multilingual and multicultural with startups thinking globally from Day 1. In Riga most of the startup-related events are happening in English, that makes it international and easily accessible for everyone and SAFARI will not be an exclusion.
To explore Riga’s startup ecosystem, create your own schedule based on your interests, either it is to get exposed to startup scene for the first time, experience the startup lifestyle or to make deep dive into the community and make meaningful connections – the SAFARI will have it all.
LVCA session: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 15:00-16:30
If you have a scalable business idea and the ambition to conquer large markets in Europe, US or elsewhere, welcome to Venture Capital world. Janis Janevics, a board member of Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LVCA) will reveal how Venture Capitalists work in Latvia and what nonfinancial benefit they bring to the companies.